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Glow Face Lift with Cobido face massage

45 mins$69

Glow Face Lift with Cobido face massage  45 min. /$69 single treatment45 min. / $246 package of four treatments For maximum benefits we recommend a package of four treatments !
The treatment includes:
*Enzyme exfoliation
*Cobido Japanese massage increases circulation, firms the skin and decreases muscle stiffness. The other benefits include : *Reduction of under the eyes puffiness*Oxigination  and nourishment of the skin*Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles *Relieve headaches and sinusitis *Boost collagen production At the end , the face is hydrated, toned and energized. The muscles are freed of all their tension and tightness. The massage leaves the face more firm and luminous.
*Custumized mask